Chris and Caitlin waiting to see Santa!

Chris and Caitlin waiting to see Santa! (November 17, 2012)

My son Christopher is now a rising first grader.  I can't believe his last day as a Kindergartner was Wednesday.  Time goes by so quickly. I just signed him up for the Summer Reading program at the library.  We did an Early Years segment on it last week.  All Roanoke Valley Libraries are offering an incentive program to get school agers to read at least 10 books over summer vacation.  As you know, kids LOVE incentives!!   Caitlin, meanwhile, is enjoying preschool.  She just started about a month ago and is settling in nicely. It's amazing what they learn at such a young age.  Her verbal skills are really good...knows her ABCs...colors...can count to 10 and thanks to her obsession with "Dora the Explorer," she can count to 8 in Spanish!
Yes, it will be nice to have some R and R with the just want to freeze those special moments.  Hope you have a great week, too!
Thursday, May 19
Hey there! Sorry I haven't had a chance to blog in a while, but I have been really busy working on my May Travel Tuesday series.  It has been a lot of fun, spotlighting local destinations in our viewing area, as we get closer and closer to vacation season!  I have toured the Bent Mountain Bed and Breakfast, the Fincastle Vineyard and Bed and Breakfast, as well as Infinity Acres Ranch and Petting Zoo in Ridgeway. I wanted to feature destinations both family-friendly and perfect for couple getaways. My last one for the month of May will air next Tuesday, and it's at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park in Natural Bridge Station.  Hope you like it! And as always, feel free to email me your opinions about any of the places we've shown you. If you have any suggestions for future travel segments, let me know at!
  I also haven't been typing anymore than I have to because of my broken wrist.  I fell here at work two weeks ago, and broke my right wrist.  Of course, I am right-handed, so it's been tricky trying to learn how to do everything with my left hand.  You really learn how flexible (or inflexible) you really are! I am just grateful that the orthopedic surgeon just put me in a splint, instead of a full cast.  I am getting a checkup tomorrow, so hopefully, it's healing quickly and I can go back to being a "two-armed" person again!  I'm just glad I didn't break my leg instead...that would have been far worse. That's it for now..."Lefty" out!
Friday, April 29
Hi there!  It's been short work week for me, thanks to my spring break.  Well..technically my son Chris is on spring break from school..I just took some time off to hang out with him!  It was nice having a little vacation..We didn't go anywhere far away...just did some fun, kid-friendly things close by.
Speaking of spending vacation time close to Travel Tuesday series is starting next week.  We will air a travel segment every Tuesday on News 7 Mornin' during the month of May.  Hope you will check it out!! Anything that reminds me of vacation season puts a big smile on my face.
This morning was fun...hope you got to catch at least some of the morning news on My19 today.  We were prempted from our normal WDBJ 7 this morning for CBS coverage of the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Of course, we did get to sneak some peeks at the ceremony here and there. It was nice to have some "happy" news for a change.  With so much loss and devastation from the tornadoes, I think we collectively needed something more pleasant to focus on...if only for a while.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who have lost their homes here in Virginia, as well as across the south.  What amazing strength they're all going to need to re-build their lives.  I hope they are able to get the financial help they need quickly. This is definitely a story that we will be following up on for weeks and months to come.
Tuesday, April 12
Hello there!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Hollani Davis and I had the honor of co-emceeing the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at Green Hill Park in Roanoke County.  The weather was cold and nasty, but it still was a beautiful day!  There were so many dedicated runners, walkers, and supporters who braved the elements to be there. The efforts certainly paid off...Saturday's race raised over $307,000.00.  Just hearing all of the survivor stories proves how strong and determined these women are.  I wish all of them continued good health and happiness!
I have missed a few noon newscasts recently, because I have been out shooting a travel series for May.  It's been a lot of fun..Now I am asking for YOUR help.  Please email me directly at,  or send a note to our News 7 Facebook page if you have any travel stories-- good or bad-- that you would like to share.  Vacation season is just around the corner!
Monday, April 4
Hi there!  Susan Bahorich is filling in the air chair me today at noon, since I have been out shooting a piece for a series we are planning for May. Hard to believe April is already here, and I am so grateful for the warm temperatures today.  My son is just starting teeball again.  We were freezing at his practice Saturday morning, but this afternoon's practice promises to be in the 80s. From winter jackets to short sleeves... that's spring weather for you!  Enjoy our taste of summer!
Wednesday, March 16
Just checking in...It was so great to see everyone at the St. Patrick's Day parade in downtown Roanoke on Saturday!  For the first time in a long time, the weather actually cooperated, and it was sunny and warm.  And when it's like that, everybody seems to have an extra spring in their step.  I know I did while walking the parade route on Jefferson Street!  Thanks to everyone who came out to the parade, and was so friendly to us.  It is always nice to see viewers face to face.  And you all looked marvelous in your St. Patty's green!
On a more serious note, let's all continue sending prayers and good wishes to the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.  Due to the nuclear concerns, the disaster just keeps growing.  The official death toll has now reached nearly 3,700. And nearly 8,000 others are missing. Stay tuned to News 7 and CBS for continuing coverage of the earthquake aftermath.
One programming note... because of NCAA basketball coverage, we will not have a News 7 at Noon either Thursday or Friday of this week.

Friday, March 11