Wednesday 7/20

    Grebe's garden is filling up - with weeds.  It's been way too hot to get out there and carefully pluck and pull.

    On the other hand, the tomatoes are growing and there is plenty of green fruit on the vine.  Now on to the important matter of getting those green tomatoes to turn red before animals eat them up or disease sets in.

    If you're interested in gardening, check out the Grebe's Garden page here on

    Also, please upload pictures of your garden and email any questions you may have.  If your garden is "something to crow about" let me.  Shoot me a note and I may come out and do a story about your garden.  Send your emails to


Thursday 4/25

    I can't believe it's been a month since my last blog post.  A lot has changed since then, including the wrap up to the weight loss challenge with Brent Watts.

    We participted together in the Salem YMCA Y Not Be a Loser program.  Our team did quite well, and individually, Brent and I both hit our goal weight.

    But in the end, I defeated Brent in percentage of pounds and inches dropped.

    I want to thank everyone for all the support you've given me over the past eight weeks.  It was a tough journey, but I feel so much better now that I'm down to 225 lbs.

    The next challenge is to continue the exercise routine and maintain this weight loss and work to lose several more pounds.  My new goal is to get down to 215 lbs by the end of summer.

Thursday 3/24

    We're now past the halfway point in the Y Not Be a Loser program.  I'm down 11 pounds and feel pretty good.  The exercise routine was tough to get used to, but now my body wants the challenge.

    My current weight is 232 pounds, which is 2 pounds less than my finishing weight the last time I participated in the wellness challenge.  With 4 more weeks to go, I'd like to lose another 10 pounds, but that may not be a realistic goal for the short time period.

    A big part of my success has been educating myself on food.  Calorie intake, fat content, portion size, etc.  The packaging can be pretty misleading so you have to be careful.

    We have switched to 35 calorie bread in our house.  I bring a sandwich to work everyday, so over the course of a week I'm saving 400 needless calories.  Also, the smaller meals/snacks approach has helped.  I'm not hungry enough to over-eat.

    Our viewers have been helpful with suggestions... Here's a tip from Kitty in Martinsville: