Woman Slain Outside Courthouse Had A Sense Of Certainty About Her Coming Demise
"Julie motioned for Donna to go to the car and Michael motioned for Julie to come over to his car and they spoke," Irish said. "Then Michael drove off. After that, Julie told Donna she was afraid. The tone in his voice scared her."

Porzio remained in stable condition at Hartford Hospital, where she was taken after the shooting.

"Now that I look back, I think life was hell for her," said another friend, John Rizdon. "She told me many times, 'he'll kill me.'"

Donna Bochicchio's friends and family said her loss has left a terrible void. They remember a woman who adored her children and relished the opportunity to lend a hand to anyone.

During a trip to the Mohegan Sun casino with her husband, Donna Bochicchio found a college class ring someone had lost. She worked the phones and eventually reunited the ring with its owner, her brother and niece recalled.

Her boss, Gaudet, said that Bochicchio used her skills as a genealogist to help him track down his mother, whom he had not seen in decades. "There's not a single person who ever met her who didn't love her," he said.

Bochicchio was a cook whose efforts were sought by friends and family. Whenever she prepared a batch of her pasta fagiole soup, she had to use a huge pot because everyone wanted some, Seitz said.

Bochicchio created elaborate cakes for birthdays and other events, especially for her son, Michael, and daughter, Karlyn. Halloween costumes were another favorite activity.

"She would stay up until ungodly hours to finish these projects," said Anna Seitz, Karl Seitz's wife.

"She was such a wonderful daughter," said her mother, Irma Seitz. "I miss her so much."

At work, Donna Bochicchio kept track of birthdays and anniversaries, even the due date of a co-worker's wife.

"You look forward to seeing her every day because she had something to share that would make you feel good," Irish said.

Courant Staff Writers Alaine Griffin and Jesse Leavenworth contributed to this story.