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  • Woodridge Police: Five Women Robbed Pedestrian And Fled In Getaway Car

    A Woodridge woman was robbed as she walked along Litchfield Turnpike Wednesday morning. A car with five women inside approached the woman at about 8:20 a.m., police said. Three of the women got out of the vehicle, stole the pedestrian’s purse and personal items, and got back in the car to flee...

  • Woodridge ATM Robbed; Bronx Man Arrested

    A Bronx man used a fraudulent passport to impersonate an account holder and steal $7,000 from a Citizen's Bank ATM on Amity Road Wednesday morning, Woodridge police said. Employees at the bank contacted police when Khalid Yawhuza, 40, made “suspicious” transactions, police said. Yawhuza was charged...

  • Police Seize 25,000 Pills And 530 Vials Of Steroids, Hamden Man Arrested

    A man was arrested and charged in connection with illegally selling steroids after approximately 25,000 pills and 530 vials of steroids were found in his Hamden home, the state attorney’s office said Wednesday. Nicholas Aurora Jr., 34, was using steroids and sold some to his co-workers, authorities...

  • Stratford Police: Illegal Car Racing Leaves One Passenger Dead, 2 Men Arrested

    Two Bridgeport men were arrested in connection with illegal street racing in Stratford that left one passenger dead in April, police said Wednesday. According to police, Ronald Patterson, 29, and Aaron Perkins, 23, are accused of racing on Lordship Boulevard near Access Road before Perkins lost...

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