TNT Fest 2014 Schedule

I'm TNT. I'm dynamite. And so is the hard rock fest at Hartford's Webster Theater, Thursday, Aug. 28 through Sunday Aug. 31. Such legendary bands as X, Negative Approach, Jook, Defiance and Cro-Mags will share the stage with newcomers to the scene at this three-day (four-day if you count the pre-party) orgiastic explosion of heavy sounds. This is not for the faint of heart. Information: 860-525-5553,

Pre-party: Thursday, 8 p.m. The King of Rudeness. $10. Webster Underground.

Friday, 7 p.m. X, Negative Approach, Defiance, Hub City Stompers, Victory and Drug Shock. $40. Webster Theater.

Saturday, 12 p.m. Judge, Partisans, Cro-Mags, Patriot, Wisdom in Chains, Traditionals, Hard Evidence and PanzerBastard. $40. Webster Theater.

Sunday, 2 p.m. Jook, Sheer Terror, The Ejected, The Templars, Noi!se, Stars and Stripes, Sydney Ducks, Bishops Green, Lion's Law, Yellow Stitches, Chosen Ones, 45 Adapters and Bloodshot Hooligans. $40. Webster Theater.

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