Sinkane Brings Bright Optimism To Ballroom At Outer Space

Special to The Courant

Sinkane is the stage name of Ahmed Gallab, who was born in London to Sudanese exiles. He grew up in Utah and Ohio and eventually moved to Brooklyn. He was a member of the forward-thinking indie-rock band Yeasayer for a time. He's toured the world in recent years collaborating with artists like Damon Albarn and Pharoah Sanders in presenting the music of Nigerian studio wiz William Onyeabor.

All of which is to say that the Sinkane's music is informed by a truly global perspective. He knows about displaced people, about the disastrous effects of corrupt governments, and yet his music is joyful and optimistic, perhaps defiantly so. Sinkane makes upbeat dance-inclined music that shows a familiarity with Tropicalia, post-punk, reggae, juju, soul and international pop.

Creating a sense of home and a bright feeling of community, all emanating from a musical experience, is all part of Sinkane's mission. Listen to "Favorite Song," a tune about the healing powers of music, from his effervescent 2017 release "Life & Livin' It." In times of political uncertainty and social unrest, making music that simply tells people that everything is going to be all right can seem fairly radical.

Sinkane is coming to the Ballroom at the Outer Space, 295 Treadwell St., Hamden, on Saturday, Oct. 21, at 9 p.m. $15. 203-288-6400,

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