Neck Deep To Play The Webster Theater

Special to The Courant

Welsh pop-punk band Neck Deep just released a cover of Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia’s hit “Torn,” which was itself, in fact, a cover of the L.A. band Ednaswap’s song. Last year Neck Deep released “The Peace and the Panic,” its latest full-length record.

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The band has a hyped-up pipsqueak-y sound that evokes Blink-182. There’s a strange mix of exuberance and self-loathing in Neck Deep’s music. “I’m coming to the conclusion, I think I would rather be anyone else but me,” goes part of the refrain on “The Grand Delusion,” from the recent LP. This is peppy music about being mopey and miserable, being claustrophobic in your own skin and basically wanting to be somewhere else other than where you are. No matter, sometimes singing about a predicament can be the best way of getting through it.

Earlier this month the band’s bassist evidently took the this-blows message to heart and left the band. But the show goes on.

Neck Deep plays the Webster Theater, 31 Webster St., Hartford, on Monday, Sept. 24, at 7 p.m. Tickets are $22-$82. 860-525-5553 and

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