Rescheduled CT House Music Festival Promises 12 Hours Of House

Special to The Courant

Editor's note: This event was rescheduled from May 27 to June 17 because of rain. 

Lots of music thrives in dark clubs. Sunlight and open spaces sometimes stifle the vibe of certain dance-centric styles. House — that synthetic, pounding, four-on-the-floor variety of dance music — seems especially designed for the club environment, so it will be cool to see more than a dozen house DJs from around Connecticut and New York converge on Bushnell Park for the second Connecticut House Music Festival.

It’s scheduled to be 12 hours of house. Expect the grass sweeping up to the Capitol to be a giant dancefloor. (Stay hydrated!) House can share aspects of dub and hip-hop, with its abstract and disjointed approach to samples and rhythmic textures. Rave and EDM and much of today’s dance pop are its descendants.

House music emerged, mainly in Chicago, rumbling in the late ‘70s, as a sort of response to racist and homophobic disco-sucks protests, sending gay clubgoers deeper underground. House music elevated the DJ, as they edited songs in real time for maximum ecstatic crowd response. It flowered in the ‘80s, fusing Euro synth pop and soaring female vocals with all of these other elements and spreading its influence all over.

Seventeen DJs will spin house music at the Connecticut House Music Festival at Bushnell Park in downtown Hartford on June 17 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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