Adam Rudolph’s Karuna Trio To Play Two Sets At Firehouse 12

Special to The Courant

Adam Rudolph’s Karuna Trio features Rudolph on drumset, percussion and sintir, a north African stringed instrument related to the banjo. Rudolph is joined by Hamid Drake on drumset and percussion, and Ralph M. Jones on woodwinds.

The trio works with structures — and nonstructures — drawing on music from around the world. This is rhythmically rich music, with moments of ecstatic release, but also with stretches of meditative sustained calm.

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Rudolph and Drake have known each other since they were teenagers in Chicago. They both worked with trumpeter and composer Don Cherry in the late ‘70s. Drake sometimes plays the drumset as if it were a set of hand drums. And Rudolph sometimes plays an array of hand drums as if they were a drumset. Rhythm, texture, freedom and musical communication will be central to the performance.

Adam Rudolph’s Karuna Trio performs at Firehouse 12, 45 Crown St., New Haven, on Friday, Sept. 21. The trio will play two sets: at 8:30 p.m. ($20) and 10 p.m. ($15). 203-785-0468 or

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