Badfinger To Play Infinity Hall Norfolk

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Badfinger is one of those bands that — it could be a blessing or it could be a curse — sounds like other artists that are slightly more world famous. You might hear a Badfinger song and say “Isn’t that Eric Clapton?” or “Is this Paul McCartney?” The band’s harmonies and songforms are plainly Beatles-esque.

Listen to “No Matter What You Do,” Badfinger’s hit from 1970. The Fab Four connection makes sense, since McCartney produced and wrote some of the band’s recordings, and the band was signed to the Beatles’ Apple Records. Members of Badfinger also recorded or performed with the other three Beatles on solo projects as well.

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Badfinger — one of the greatest Welsh bands of all time — took the Beatles formula and nudged it with a little more of a compressed rock energy. They were essentially making power pop in the mode of Big Star. If Journey received a surprise boost in pop-culture awareness when “Don’t Stop Believing” was featured in the last episode of “The Sopranos,” Badfinger got a similar lift when “Baby Blue” was used to conclude the beloved TV series “Breaking Bad.” Possibly the most ubiquitous bit of Badfinger music is the song “Without You,” which became a hit when recorded by Harry Nilsson and Mariah Carey.

Three of the four original members of the group have died. Guitarist Joey Molland leads the group that tours under the Badfinger name.

See Badfinger at Infinity Hall, 20 Greenwoods Road W., Norfolk, on Friday, Sept. 21, at 8 p.m. Tickets are $34 to $44. 866-666-6306 and

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