A Hula Hoop Lesson Just In Time For Gathering Of The Vibes


Hooping has changes immensely over the years, LB "Lady Blaze" Stein explains just before our hooping lesson in New Haven's Temple Plaza.

The bright, colorful hula hoops of yore have now become flaming and LED-lit hoops made for grown-up fun and performance, especially on the summer music festival circuit. PollyPro hoops, fitness hoops, Stein pulls close to 20 different options from her hoop huggie for our lesson.

Stein, who owns her own company, LBSpinnerZ Artz, for performances and lessons, started hooping at age 16 and has been performing for 16 years. She is also part of the fire troop Cosmic Karma Fire, which will be performing at the Gathering of the Vibes at Bridgeport's Seaside Park July 31 to Aug. 3.

Watch the video above to take a hooping lesson with us, and visit for more information about LB "Lady Blaze" Stein. 

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