A Tighter, More Focused Marvelous Liars Releases New Album

For straight-ahead rock music, Marvelous Liars singer-guitarist Nick Johns' songs are tightly wound, with starts and stops, precise hits and accents, riffs that compel you to stick the landings. And with the right players (drummer Shane O'Connell and bassist Nick Cancelmo), a strong work ethic...

Press Play: Connecticut's Underground Music Scene

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  • Chance The Rapper At Xfinity Theatre

    Chance The Rapper At Xfinity Theatre

    Gospel and praise have been seeping into hip-hop for years, but Chicago's Chance the Rapper made the link between sacred and the secular pretty overt on his Grammy-winning 2016 album "Coloring Book." Listen to "Blessings," with its refrain of "When the praises go up, the blessings come down." There...

  • Drive-By Truckers To Pull In To Infinity Hall

    Drive-By Truckers To Pull In To Infinity Hall

    In America, people make all kinds of silly and narrow-minded assumptions about musicians (and non-musicians, too) based on race, gender and other factors. Being from certain regions of the country — especially the South — can trigger a slew of knee-jerk expectations about the kinds of music people...

  • Reeves Gabrels At Cafe Nine

    Reeves Gabrels At Cafe Nine

    Reeves Gabrels is an American guitarist who's played with some giants of English rock, most notably with the Cure and David Bowie. Gabrels can coax all kinds of sounds from a guitar. Gabrels makes his guitar chime and toll or wash and ripple, with both a metallic clarity and a smoky haze. He can...

    • Phantogram At College Street

      Phantogram At College Street

      Electro-pop duo Phantogram has a recent single called "You Don't Get Me High Anymore." Think of it as a "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" for the 21st century. Kanye West would probably approve of the deep-cut gospel sample from Voices of Conquest on the song "Same Old Blues," also off the new...

      • Joanna Wallfisch At The Side Door

        Joanna Wallfisch At The Side Door

        London-born singer and songwriter Joanna Wallfisch has a new record, "Blood & Bone," set for release. The record deals with themes of heartbreak and healing. Wallfisch, who lives in Brooklyn now, plays ukulele, guitar and piano. Not long ago, she did a 16-date tour up a stretch of the West Coast...

        • Alessia Cara At Foxwoods

          Alessia Cara At Foxwoods

          Italian-Canadian singer Alessia Cara was 13 when she started posting videos of herself singing on YouTube. She was shy at first, but she was committed to pursuing a career in music and performing publicly. It took her a few years, but she got discovered through her videos when she was 17. She released...

          • The Wild Reeds At Stage One

            The Wild Reeds At Stage One

            "Do you remember '95? When the world was small, I didn't fear at all." Those are the first lines of the new record, 2017's "The World We Built," from L.A.'s the Wild Reeds. The band has three frontwomen, all of whom harmonize together and write songs as well, giving the Wild Reeds an organic variety....

            • OneRepublic At Xfinity Theatre

              OneRepublic At Xfinity Theatre

              OneRepublic just released a new single called "Rich Love" this month. The band put out a record last year called "Oh My My." The Colorado band has an anthemic big-sing-along sound, whether they're working from a clubby, pumping bass-drum formula or veering into folky group-shout choruses. You probably...

              • Aurelio Voltaire At Cafe Nine

                Aurelio Voltaire At Cafe Nine

                Aurelio Voltaire plays a peculiar brand of music that blends bits of cabaret, pirate sing-chants, goth, gypsy jazz and metal. It's like vampire shtick. Sort of like the Addams Family meets Billy Idol. Imagine Weird Al teaming up with the Cramps, maybe, and that will give you an idea. Sometimes...

                • Set It Off At Webster Theater

                  Set It Off At Webster Theater

                  Set It Off play energetic pop with the punch of rock and a boy-band eagerness. Melodrama, metal and Broadway all get mixed up in some of this Florida band's music, with strings and orchestral touches adding heft and drama to the songs. The band's most recent record, 2016's "Upside Down," is a little...