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Goodbye New Orleans, Hello Lehigh Valley

Imagine being woken up in the middle of the night and told that you have to leave or else you could die. Imagine staying with friends while you watch your town destroyed on TV by a massive storm. Imagine getting ready to head back and finding out your college is closed. What would you do?

That's exactly the situation that many students at Tulane and other New Orleans universities had to face. Some chose to come to Allentown. Muhelenberg College opened it's doors and dorms to five students who will be settling in temporarily until they can return to their campuses. Meet them, hear their stories, find out what's next and how you can help - and read the whole story in MergeLucas Carlson
College: Tulane
Grade: Sophomore
Age: 18
From: Baltimore, MD
Major: Political Economy and English
He says: "[It's] an excuse to slack off a little bit." Jason Greenwald
College: Tulane
Grade: Sophomore
Age: 19
From: East Rockaway, NY
He says: "... I feel obligated to get back down there. I feel like it's my home." Chris Illardi
College: Tulane
Grade: Freshman
Age: 18
From: Dobbs Ferry, NY
Major: Engineering
He says: "I am disappointed that I couldn't start at Tulane..." Leilani Silversten
College: Loyola University
Grade: Senior
Age: 22
From: New Orleans, LA
She says: "I thought I would feel like a freshman all over again... but it isn't like that." Kevin Flores
College: University of New Orleans
Grade: Freshman
From: New Orleans, LA

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