Love, Republican style

Of The Morning Call

Forgot to get a Valentine for your sweetie?

Time’s running out, but if you’re really desperate, the Republican Party’s own love doctor, Reince Priebus, has dispatched his crack communications staff to spread the love.

The Republican National Committee has issued a “helpful” selection of e-mail valentines offering a wide variety of inside jokes featuring prominent Democrats that will appeal to your lover's innermost political junkie.

They’re sure to send your wonky Republican crush into convulsions of laughter. Not sure how useful they’d be with Democrats, although the Anthony Weiner Valentine is sure to have universal appeal.

“If anyone asks, I didn’t send you this,” it says.

(I guess subtlety wasn’t a priority.)

Other RNC valenties feature Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and a cast of Democratic figures Republicans love to hate.

One of the Obama valentines says “Sorry, no Valentine’s gift this year, my credit card has been denied.”

Where’s the love, RNC?

Check out the e-mail valentines here:

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