Obama campaign airing ad in Pennsylvania

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A new Obama campaign ad touting the president's first term achievements is airing in nine important general election states, including Pennsylvania. 

The 60-second spot, which is long by political commercial standards, begins with news clips of the economic meltdown that Barack Obama inherited. The ad goes on to highlight Obama's effort to turn it all around, listing the auto industry revival, the death of Osama bin Laden and job creation. But then a narrator acknowledges there's more to be done. (The ad does not mention his major legislative victories: health care reform and the financial regulation law.)

"We’re not there yet," says the voiceover, "it’s still too hard for too many. But we’re coming back. Because America’s greatness comes from a strong middle class. Because you don’t quit. And neither does he."

The Republican National Committee responded to the ad.

“For someone whose campaign slogan is 'forward,' President Obama spends a lot of time looking backward and blaming others for the state of the American economy," RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement. "While Obama may want you to forget he's been president for the past three and a half years, the fact that his policies have wreaked havoc on the middle class from high unemployment, high energy and higher education costs won't be forgotten. America deserves better than Obama's brand of hype and blame.” 

As noted in Sunday's Morning Call, prior to this buy, Pennsylvania had largely been ignored by the campaigns and the Super PACs supporting them. The piece examines whether Pennsylvania will be as important a swing state in 2012 after decades of voting solidly Democrat in presidential cycles.

From the article:

Still, early television ad buys — the most expensive and targeted campaign tool — have not been made in Pennsylvania. Last week the SuperPAC supporting Romney, Restore Our Future, bought television ad time in nine so-called "swing states," but not in Pennsylvania. Also last week, the Obama campaign began airing an attack spot on Romney in Ohio, Virginia and Iowa. Previously, Obama's team had placed ad buys in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Nevada and Virginia.

Other SuperPACs have taken the same tack. The conservative Americans For Prosperity and American Crossroads have run ads in six to eight battlegrounds, but not Pennsylvania. The pro-Obama SuperPAC Priorities USA Action, aired ads in April in Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Iowa.


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