Confetti Cafe in Bethlehem closes

A sad piece of restaurant news: Bethlehem's Confetti Cafe has closed because of illness.

The restaurant on Main Street in Historic Bethlehem has been popular for more than a decade.

The restaurant's owners explain the decision on their Facebook page:

"Hello to all Confetti Cafe friends and Customers - I have neglected to post anything on the demise of Confetti Cafe due to the uncertainty Nikki & I have faced over the last weeks. Originally we intended to re-open after our traditional winter vacation, however a medical emergency (that most you already know about), occured... Nikki's brain surgery! now she must face a month long procedure (full brain radiation) which will bring about significant debilitation... this and other economic issues bring us to the closing of Confetti Cafe on main street. After more than a decade of serving ur customers the best prepared food we could think of, the unthinkable has come to pass. Our Closing... our staff, Nikki & I thank you for your years of patronage and support... though we are very saddened and depressed about this sudden end, we have hopes of resurrecting Confetti Cafe in the future. We first have to get Nikki healthy... after a few months we hope this will be a reality....then we can evaluate and plan our future move with Confetti Cafe... I will do my best to update you with our progress and hope you will check in to see our progress....LOVE TO ALL .... Nikki & Jerry"

The closing comes closely after a fire that destroyed Youell's Oyster House and the closing of Paolo's Italian Restaurant in Northampton.


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