Gerald S. Brandis, Allentown
Army, World War II

I am a veteran of World War II, age 86. When I was in my growing years, I was taught by my parents that Veterans Day (at that time called Armistice Day) was a day of respect, remembrance and a time for reflection. For my entire life that is the way I have respected the holiday. For these men and women who paid the ultimate price and those wounded physically or emotionally, is it so difficult to spend one day in the year for remembrance? In this day and age, most people treat Veterans Day as a great day for shopping and some treat it as a no-work day.

This respect must start at home, but greed and the desire for affluence have obliterated this obligation. Please honor this holiday as one of deep remembrance for those who paid the supreme sacrifice. Our "greatest generation" knew the words patriotism and respect.

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