Schwartz on 80 percent Guv run: "That's pretty accurate"

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Montgomery County U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz was very clear she did not want to discuss her possible run for governor following a lengthy round table in Philadelphia with Vice President Joe Biden on gun violence.

"We should talk about gun safety," she said, when asked whether she's running. "I'm here as a member of Congress. We can talk politics another time."

But after a few minutes of discussing her support for new gun control laws, The Morning Call asked her if reports from the weekend that she was 80 percent in to take on Republican incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett were true. The suburban Philadelphia Democrat paused, smiled and said, "That's pretty accurate."

Schwartz is a veteran politician and a seasoned fundraiser with about $3 million in her campaign coffers. Corbett's dismal approval rating makes him a vulnerable candidate with a little less than two years before he faces voters. In a recent F&M poll, only 26 percent of Pennsylvania voters said the governor is doing a good job.

That is the lowest rating ever for a sitting governor in the 18 years the F&M poll has monitored gubernatorial job approval.

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