Evacuating With Pets
You can keep your pets, even if you're forced to evacuate.

Thats the word from the Humane Society.

The agency says it's been flooded with calls from pet owners who say they can't take their pets should they have to evacuate.

Callers have expressed concern about lack of space and added stress brought on by caring for pets during an evacuation.

Advocates have started pet retention counseling to help keep families and pets together.

"Calm them down, it's not as bad as you think. You can make this work. Keep your pet with you because we tell them point blank, we may not be able to find a home or another shelter and they'll be euthanized," said Jeff Dorson with the Humane Society of Louisiana.

Experts say pets do not require much space.

Pack enough food and water to last several days, and take important paperwork.

Workers with the Humane Society have had a difficult time reuniting families and pets after past natural disasters.