What To Do With All The Halloween Candy

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I don't know about you, Moms, but we are swimming in candy after a super-fun Halloween!

Do we eat it?  Do we toss it?  Do we donate it?

Here are some great ideas from Betsy Brown Braun, a blogger for Huffington Post Parents.

1. Let the kids eat as much as they want, even all of it (and suffer the consequences), and brush their teeth on Halloween. Then be done with it. (This works particularly well with little ones.) You would be surprised to know that dentists favor this option, saying it is the frequency of the candy eating rather than the quantity that is damaging to teeth on Halloween, according to Dr. Paul Kelson, a dentist in Los Angeles.

2. The child gets to choose a particular amount of candy to save (one for each finger, or for each day of the week, for example), and then it is over.

3. Participate in a "buy back" program. There are local dentists in many cities who will pay by the pound for the candy. Some kids actually love money as much as candy.

4. There are dentists (and others) who will send the child's candy to the troops overseas who love candy and don't get to trick-or-treat.

5. Send the candy to Mommy or Daddy's office for the adults to enjoy. They love candy and they don't get to trick-or-treat.

6. Not that our kids need any more toys, but the "Switch Witch" takes the candy and leaves a toy while the child is sleeping.

7. Please do not say you are going to take it to the sick children in the hospital. (Is it better for their teeth to rot than your child's?)

8. "Disappearing" it isn't an honest option. Your child needs to know how and why you make the decisions you make.

She also suggests using the candy for sorting, math, science and nutrition activities.

Click here to read the entire article. 

What are your ideas?  What do you do with all the candy?!



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