Small Business Saturday

Teresa M. Pelham

Mommy Minute

5:16 PM EST, November 23, 2012


It’s bad enough that we’d already endured weeks of Christmas commercials before Thanksgiving Day, but this year’s ridiculous idea of having stores open on Thursday really bugged me. I heard a few shoppers on the news today saying that they had to go out and grab these deals because money is tight. Does anyone else see a flaw in this logic? Isn’t that kind of like the shopaholic who points out how much she “saved” by buying so much stuff? How about if you can’t afford to buy lots of stuff, then don’t buy lots of stuff?

During those times in my life when I didn’t have much to spend on gifts, I’m pretty sure everyone who received (or didn’t receive) my inexpensive presents understood. If a family is going through a financial rough patch, it’s certainly no secret to the kids. They’ll understand if an Xbox is not in the budget.

With each year I’m getting more turned off by the increased emphasis on consumerism and Christmas.

But this makes me happy: Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday. Might I convince you to check out a local business? Local restaurants count, too. Just about everyone I know enjoys receiving a gift card to a nice restaurant. J Timothy’s? Bricco? One of the Max Restaurants?

Local artists also depend on this season to put them in the black. Think about people who make jewelry, pottery or other art when you’re making that list.

In Farmington, I like the Green Dog Market. It’s owned by a local couple selling good dog food and other pet items not made in China from questionable ingredients.

Where will you shop tomorrow?