Oddly Oddly Onker, My First Conker

Teresa M. Pelham

Mommy Minute

4:31 PM EDT, October 26, 2013


I don’t know any parents not struggling with the amount of screen time their children experience every day. I’ve written about this before, and I’m always grateful to not the only one disappointed in the amount of free/outdoor/unstructured time our kids enjoy.

But it isn’t easy. Those kids are like crack addicts with the screens. I’ll send them out to check out the brook down the road and the next thing you know, they’re side-by-side in front of the computer, making virtual weapons or pancakes or something.

I love this approach, from the UK: Swap 30 minutes of television and computer games each day for outdoor play, or “wild time.” That sounds freaking awesome, doesn’t it?

I also love that the people behind this movement are encouraging kids to get out and play “conkers.” It sure looks like fun, but I wonder if playing with the seed of a horse chestnut tree will cause anaphylaxis in my nut-allergic children. Oh, this generation is in such trouble.