Madonna & Sparkly Stickers: "This Is Your Life"

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My parents have decided to downsize and sell their house of thirty years, the spot where I grew up in the '80's, watching "Goonies" with friends while braiding ribbon barettes.

We took our boys up to Gram and Poppy's house last weekend to help with packing.  And, boy oh boy, the stuff we saw.  Archie comics, Betamax videotapes of "Who's the Boss?" and "Moonlighting", as well as a variety of seriously embarrassing vinyl 45's, showcasing the questionable vocal talents of Corey Hart, Billy Idol and Pia Zadora.  Yes, I said Pia Zadora.  Don't judge, I was eleven and she had some pretty glamorous hairstyles.

But then, we also found treasures.  Old notes, passed between giggling girls in science class, highlighting the extreme "cuteness" of an 8th grader named Tim.  Cards, embellished with sparkly stickers, reminding me of the fun friends of my childhood.  A Madonna record, from when she was just starting out, prior to becoming the always-controversial, always-entertaining icon we've grown to know and love.  Remember her recent Superbowl Half-Time show?  That mom rocked!  I also uncovered term papers from high school and college...really interesting to see once again...making me proud of my young self...the tween and teen who tried really hard in school, working towards big dreams.

My sons, who love to read the Sunday comics with Dad, settled onto the old, orange corduroy couch to learn about Jughead and Veronica, with quizzical but undoubtedly curious expressions on their faces.  This was an interesting experience for them, I think, showing them mom's scene when she was around their age....experiencing life as they are now.

And, it's been fun for me...not overly sentimental or weird....just fun.

Seriously, who doesn't want to be reminded of "Remington Steele"...or the useless fashion item called The Leg Warmer?

Sometimes a walk down memory lane can put your life in a very healthy and humorous way.

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