I Am Not 'Back-to-School' Shopping

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Sarah Cody

Mommy Minute

6:51 AM EDT, August 28, 2013


Anyone with me?

According to this article on Yahoo Shine, "The average family spends over $600 annually on back-to-school shopping, making it the second-biggest consumer-spending season of the year."

But, honestly, we don't need anything right now, so, I'm not participating in the craziness.

Let's see...

*Grabbed a few new Polo shirts for the boys on sale at the outlets this summer - CHECK

*Pants still fit and they'll probably wear shorts for the first few weeks, anyway - CHECK

*Sneakers wore out in the spring...bought new ones...then, they wore Crocs all summer...sneakers like new - CHECK

*Backpacks look fine...boys still like them...don't want new ones - CHECK

*Lunch boxes are a little worn and smelly...but I'm not tackling a crowded store for that. - CHECK

*Whenever we buy school supplies, the boys don't seem to use them.  Kids in 2nd and 4th grade really get everything they need in the classroom - CHECK

We saved our one big summer vacation for the last week of August...so, guess what?  We're heading to the beach instead of the mall.

Are you spending a ton of money on "Back-to-School" items?

Good luck this week!