Hacking and Coughing and Wheezing, Oh My!

My kids have pretty bad seasonal allergies, but this year -- because I am a thoughtless and heartless mom -- I’ve put them through the spring allergy season three times. No, really.

In April, before any buds appeared here in New England, I brought them to Chattanooga, Tennessee, which, according to this report, is the country’s third-worst city for spring allergies. Then we came back and sneezed our way into May. And then, over Memorial Day Weekend, I dragged them to Fishers Island, New York, which is usually a few weeks behind Connecticut in terms of pollen and buds and stuff.

Two of our dudes have been hacking and wheezing all week. It sounds like a TB ward here. We’ve actually brought out the nebulizer, which hadn’t seen the light of day in years, bought some new Albuterol, and plunked the kids down in front of the Sunday comics while the vapors opened their lungs. Nobody even protested the use of the toddler-sized fish face mask.

Spring 2013 is supposed to be worse than previous years. (But don’t they say that every year?) Hold tight, little wheezers. It’s almost summer.

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