Feeling Stressed? Paint A Chair!

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Sarah Cody

Mommy Minute

7:34 AM EDT, August 23, 2013


It was a recent Saturday.

I was tired...feeling spent...after a particularly jumbled week of juggling work, camp schedules and moving my parents, along with the usual afternoon outings with the kids and inevitable house chores.

So, my husband took the boys to a birthday party...and I painted some chairs.

Honestly, I'm not good at sitting down...so, finding relaxation in a mindless activity really did me some good.  For awhile, I listened to music and kind of zoned-out as I perfected the two new addiitions to our yard.

Then, I turned off the tunes, taking-in the sounds of birds and crickets, as I let some future writing assignments roll around in my head.  I take after my dad in that regard.  If I think about a piece for awhile, it emerges fairly easily once I sit down at my computer.

At the end of a few hours of painting, I felt really good.  Refreshed.  Peaceful.

And, it turns out that this sort of activity can actually increase productivity, in the long run.

According to this article, "spacing out" and "tinkering" around once in awhile is really good for our mental health and our job performance.  In fact, this piece claims that "mindless work" increases our creativity and "de-clutters" our brains.

It's Friday...have a great weekend and give yourself permission to daydream a little.

You might just get a lot done!