A Modern Spin On 'Family Game Night'

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Sarah Cody

Mommy Minute

7:09 AM EDT, July 23, 2013


Last Christmas, I accidentally bought a version of an old-school board game that (GASP) involves a tablet.

We play a lot of games and, remembering back to one of my favorite choices as a child, I thought the boys would like the The Game of Life.

But, when we opened the box and realized it utilizes a modern device, we were disappointed.  Family Game Night doesn't involve computers, does it?  Board games are supposed to be enjoyed in a rustic cabin by the fire...and shouldn't include modern technology, right?


We have had so much fun with The Game of Life zAPPED which mixes a virtual spinner on the iPad, with the original cars and pegs, along with clips from "American's Funniest Home Videos" that the boys think are hysterical.

And, it seems we're not alone.

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled "Classic Board Games Win New Fans on Tablets and Online":

Scrabble might want to consider adding iPad to its dictionary of acceptable words.  The Hasbro Inc. board game, which was created about three-quarters of a century ago, has found a new audience as one of the most popular games for tablets. It is now the 14th best-selling app ever for Apple Inc.'s iPad.
Apparently, there is also a Battleship zAPPED edition...another new take on a classic game we love.
Can't wait to check it out!