Ephron & Downton: Musings From Vacation

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Ah, vacation.  More than ever before, I put aside the work, the chores, all the stuff that mucked-up some of the summer and focused on my family during the last week.  We swam, rode bikes, took kayak trips, played frisbee and board games...and did a lot of laughing.  It was great.  And, when the boys were occupied, digging in the sand or watching an evening movie, I got to....DRUM ROLL, PLEASE...read magazines.  Seriously, my stack of un-read magazines reached up to my knee, with issues dating back to 2011 (I'm not kidding).  I made it my mission to tear through article after article with vigor.  Reading in this relaxed state, I was able to appreciate some really great writing...and wanted to share these two tidbits with you...to inspire a light-bulb, a gigle or maybe a mindless magazine-reading session!

Here is an excerpt from an Entertainment Weekly article, Sure I'll Pay For TV, But On My Terms by Dalton Ross:

Happy wife=happy life and if milady doesn't get her Downton Abbey, we will have our own upstairs-downstairs situation.  As in me sleeping downstairs on the couch.

As a fan of the infamous Grantham clan, those two sentences made me laugh out loud!

I also loved a page from Real Simple Magazine, showcasing a piece by the late, amazing Nora Ephron called What I Wish I'd Known, from her book, I Feel Bad About My Neck and other thoughts on being a woman.

You can't be friends with people who call after 11pm.

The last four years of psychoanalysis are a waste of money.

The plane is not going to crash.

Anything you think is wrong with your body at the age of thirty-five you will be nostalgic for at the age of forty-five.

Write everything down.

Take more pictures.

You can't own too many black turtleneck sweaters.

The reason you're waking up in the middle of the night is the second glass of wine.

If the shoe doesn't fit in the shoe store, it's never going to fit.

There are no secrets.

Back up your files.


Never let them know.

If only one-third of your clothes are mistakes, you're ahead of the game.

You can order more than one dessert.


Hope you enjoyed these pearls of wisdom as much as I did.

Have a great day!


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