Don't Forget to Breathe

Teresa M. Pelham

Mommy Minute

8:37 PM EST, December 2, 2012


Something’s up, I tell you.

Maybe it’s the looming End of the World (which happens to fall on my middle dude’s 13th birthday -- how unlucky.)

Or, more likely, maybe it’s pushback from this year’s ridiculous (and hopefully not trend-setting) beginning of the Christmas shopping season on Thanksgiving Day.

For every crazy person heading out to frantically spend money she doesn’t don’t have on things she doesn’t need, there’s a somewhat sane person trying to make it through December unscathed. We’re part of an unsung army of people who, if offered $200 to go to a mall on a Saturday in December, would skip it and sit home by the fire.

With three kids’ birthdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and almost no shopping done thus far, you might think that I would have spent today filling my car with stuff.

Instead, I spent 90 minutes of my day in a yoga class, breathing, centering and sweating. And get this: The place was packed. The instructor, while attempting to fit all of us and our mats into the room, joked “I guess none of you have anything going on in your lives right now.”

Early December is generally not a busy time for yoga studios (or gyms, whose parking lots are empty now but insane during the weeks following the start of every new year.) People tell themselves they’re too busy to slow down and take care of themselves.

But maybe this year is different. Maybe the stress the retailers are trying to push onto us is having the opposite effect.

Nope. We’re not buying into it. You can’t make us. Namaste.