'Percy Jackson': Summer Reading Is A Joy

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Sarah Cody

Mommy Minute

7:21 AM EDT, August 2, 2013


We have spent our summers with Stuart Little, Charlotte and Wilbur, the Hogwarts gang and two lovable rascals named Tom and Huck.  I absolutely cherish our time spent together, pouring over our summer reading, laughing and talking as we gobble up stories we want to read...not just the homework assignments during the school year.  And, I love to see the boys - who are almost 8 and 10 - run to their library packets to check off the bubbles, so proud of the many chapters they've consumed and enjoyed.

This summer, we are tackling the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan.

We weren't sure that any adolescent boy could rival the legacy of Mr. Potter himself...but this son of Poseidon is pretty darn cool.  We are on Book 4...and so far, these modern tales of Greek Gods in the 21st century have proven to be innovative and exciting page turners.

And, we had absolutely no idea that another Percy movie is on the horizon!

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is hitting theaters on August 7th!

Truth be told, we didn't love the first movie...Percy wasn't funny enough...Annabeth didn't look quite right and entire scenes were missing.  But, what the hey, we're in a Percy Mood...and we'll be there for opening night!

What are you reading with the kids during summer break?