Kevin Hunt: Why Is My Mail Now Delivered At 6 P.M.? (The Sequel)

Nancy Eaton, unhappy with mail delivery in Glastonbury, asked The Bottom Line (read the Feb. 16 column here) if anyone else had complained about the United States Postal Service.

Well, not really — until now. Here is a sampling of responses, from the disenchanted to the sympathetic to the conspiratorial to the emphatically indifferent. How's your mail delivery?

"I agree with Nancy Eaton of Glastonbury. Many times, especially on Saturdays, we don't get our mail until late. One Saturday I kept checking the mail and at 7:30 p.m. I figured maybe there was no mail for us on that day — great, no bills — but when I went to get the paper on Sunday morning there was mail in the mailbox. The post office complains they are losing money but yet how do they explain the cost of having to pay overtime to their carriers?"

Dan Quartin, Newington

"Your reader from Glastonbury is not the only one with a problem. Our wonderful mailman moved to another route about a year ago. We received a new mail person who worked about a week and then the problems began. Later we learned that she was on 'detail' duty, which I assume is another word for administrative duty and not to be back on the route for 180 days. Do the math: That's six months.

"Our mail has been erratically delivered ever since due to substitutes available each day. Your reader in Glastonbury is lucky to get their mail between 5 and 6 p.m. Ours sometimes is not delivered at all or until 7 or 7:30 p.m.. One night it was almost 8!

"The post office's solution to our problem is to get a [PO] box and pick up your own mail. That is great if you can afford to do this and can get out each day to pick up the mail. That is the job of the USPS."

Carol Flynn, Manchester

"Very rarely do we get our mail before 6 p.m. One day our mail came around 10 a.m. It was a different carrier and I told him that I wanted him to deliver our mail every day. He laughed and said that when a mail carrier is out his route is split between the other carriers and they're told to deliver the extra route first.

"The only time I can remember the regular carrier getting here before 3 p.m. was when there was a car with the USPS logo following him around. That lasted several days and then it was back to getting the mail after supper."

Robert Kirchhof, Windsor Locks

"I, too, live in Glastonbury and our mail has been arriving at the end of the day and frequently after 5 p.m.. It used to come much earlier and even before lunch back in the 'good old days.' We also have not received mail on snow days. This week's Thursday's mail came on Saturday."

Beverly Willsey, Glastonbury

"We are in the same boat as Nancy Eaton. Our deliveries, when they feel like coming out, are often after dark, and you can't see if flags are down or not and you can't be sure there even will be a pickup that day or not. There have been three days already this year when we have had no delivery or pick-up at all. This is not acceptable mail service."

Name withheld, Glastonbury

"I thought it was only us in the city with spotty postal service! (I've lived in Hartford for 30-plus years.)"

Vanessa Gruden, Hartford

"I'm a retired Postal Service employee. Carriers have a tremendously difficult job. With automation advancements over the years, they spend much less time 'casing mail' in the post office, and much more time on their routes. Especially during this time of year, they are faced with hazardous weather conditions and short days. They deserve a lot of credit for what they do, and not criticism for taking reasonable precautions.

"A bit of advice for Ms. Eaton: With identity theft an ever increasing problem, it's safer to put your bills in a blue collection box or drop them off at the post office."

Paul Senk, Windsor

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