Living Smart

Consumer Reports: Take back your garage

"The garage is where clutter goes to die," jokes Amanda M. LeBlanc, a professional organizer in Birmingham, Ala.

Earplugs that preserve both hearing, sound quality

For a long time, music lovers have been forced to make a choice: Go to concerts and fully hear the music while...

Powerful new preventives kill fleas faster than ever

Along with spring showers and flowers come fleas. It's a sure bet in most parts of the country, but some places have...

How To Remove Drilled Holes From Pickup Cab Frame

Dear Car Talk: I have an older pickup with an all-metal cab frame. There are numerous holes drilled in the dash and...

CNET: Best video streamer and TV gift ideas

Video streamers and TVs make great gifts for any occasion. The speedy processors and excellent picture quality of...

Consumer Reports: How to have a low-impact (but still lush) landscape

Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence? That might not be such a bad thing, Consumer Reports says, now that...

Organic Vs. Conventional Produce: Here's What To Buy (Or Not)

How do you like your fruits and vegetables, conventional or organic? Perhaps never before have consumers been so aware...

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