Living Smart

Robin Williams' Foolproof Estate Plan? How To Avoid Family Fallout

By Hollywood standards, Robin Williams created an uncommonly sophisticated, tax-efficient estate plan before his...

The Dealer Totaled My Shelby Mustang! (Why It Wasn't Replaced)

Marc Mastroianni saved up, and traded up, for years before buying the car of his dreams, a used 2008 Shelby GT500...

Mohu Channels: Where local TV, apps and Web live on your HDTV

The dead-and-buried Google TV has been revived, at least in spirit, in the new Mohu Channels.

Consumer Reports: Eat the peach, not the pesticide

A recent Consumer Reports survey of 1,050 people found that pesticides are a concern for 85 percent of Americans. Are...

Game Review: 'MLB 15: The Show,' embodies the realism of the sport

"MLB 15: The Show"

Six healthful habits that can totally backfire

You eat clean, work out, meditate and pretty much do all the "right" things. So of course that means you'll be slim,...

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