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Is Your Car, New Or Used, On Any Of These Best-Worst Lists?

Is this the year you should buy used instead of new when car-shopping? Yes, if you've got goo-goo eyes for a Hyundai...

CNET: Top water-resistant phones

Prepare to see many more water-resistant and even waterproof phones coming out in the near future thanks to advances...

Consumer Reports: Coffee and your health

The headlines about coffee's impact on your health seem to change as quickly as the time it takes to drink a cup, says...

Dog raised in a puppy mill may need extra training, TLC

This week, your dog behavior questions are answered by veterinary behaviorist Dr. Valarie Tynes, of Sweetwater, Texas.

Consumer Reports: What Works, Or Doesn't, In Physical Therapy Treatments

Maybe you're recovering from surgery or dealing with a condition such as arthritis or back pain. Or maybe you're just...

Save big bucks in college aid with these FAFSA tips

If you hope to score any need-based aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Many families...

How to copy photos your phone to a computer

I realize it's easy to fill up your phone with pictures and videos. We all need to move them to a computer to back...

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