Living Smart

IRA Makeover: Here's A Portfolio That Could Work For You

It's crunch time for taxpayers to beat the deadline for 2014 IRA contributions.

Green snow removal: Snow Joe's battery-powered blower

Temperate-climate residents who clear snow from their driveways do so, overwhelmingly, with either a gas-powered...

Consumer Reports: Workout tips that work

You're trying to get back in shape. But where do you begin? ShopSmart, the shopping magazine from the publisher of...

How to get auto-insurance discounts

Who doesn't enjoy saving money, especially on a monthly bill like car insurance? Auto industry experts say there are...

Consumer Reports: What do those drug labels really mean?

Navigating the sea of labels on drugstore shelves can leave you feeling sick and confused, according to Consumer...

Careful conditioning can convert scaredy-dog

This week, experts attending the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas Feb.15-19, have answered your queries:

CNET: The best budget 'phablets'

Check out these impressive big-screen smartphones that won't cause a big drain on your wallet.

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