Living Smart

$5,000 Tab For Electric Heat? She Can't Believe It

No one celebrates the passage of winter quite like the homeowner who heats with electricity.

Duck! It's 3D sound from Acemile's Theatre Box

Today's career-counseling advice in 140 characters or less: Take your self-driving lawnmower prototype to Kickstarter,...

The $187 Million Cancer Charity Scam: What Gives?

It's apparently much easier to run a sham charity than to stop a sham charity in the United States.

Consumer Reports: Can your car get hacked?

Your car's computer knows much more about you than you may realize, notes Consumer Reports. It's constantly tracking...

Febrile seizures are scary but benign

Since I've been seeing a lot of children with fevers lately, I thought this might be a good time to talk about febrile...

Mercedes' Temperature-Clock Dials Don't Work, Then They Do

Dear Car Talk: I have a 2000 Mercedes E320 with 144,000 miles. The temperature and clock dials on the dashboard...

Consumer Reports: How To Beat The Weeds

The average yard contains 10 times more chemicals per acre than a typical commercial farm, according to Consumer...

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