Quick & Easy Mother's Day Brunch
Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

By Earth & Ocean Executive Chef Adam Stevenson

Yield 2 servings


For the Potato Cake

¼ lbs cooked and mashed potatoes

1/2 lbs raw grated potato

½ c c all purpose flour

½ Tablespoon milk

1 each egg

For the Eggs:

4 whole eggs for poaching

3oz smoked salmon lox

2oz cream fraiché or sour cream

1 Tablespoon fine dice chives


Peel potatoes. Grate on box grater into water. Wash off starch and blanch in boiling water, rinse under running cold water and set aside

Combine the flour, mashed potatoes, egg, milk, salt and mix together

Add blanched potato and mix well, season to taste.