Clean and repair gutters

By Gene and Katie Hamilton, Tribune Media Services

Do It Yourself or Not?

9:30 AM EDT, September 30, 2013


A working gutter system prevents soil erosion and water damage to the siding, and the low cost of cleaning and repairing a faulty gutter system is nothing when compared to the high cost of water damage. It's a thankless job, but every time it rains, you'll be grateful your gutters are hard at work carrying the water away from the house and foundation.

Keeping gutters and downspouts clean is the first line of defense and it's also the easiest, albeit unpleasant job that even a neophyte do-it-yourselfer can easily learn. Cleaning gutters is grunt work personified. Repairs to a gutter system are relatively easy, too.

One of the most common fixes is securing sagging gutters, often the result of a buildup of snow and ice weighing them down. Refastening or replacing the straps that hold gutters and downspouts in place is another simple repair. So is patching leaks at joints that need to be resealed with caulk.

A gutter repair service will charge $130 to clean 60 linear feet of gutters on a one-story house and make minor repairs. You can do the job in a few hours for $30, the cost of the repair materials, and save 77 percent for your trouble. You'll need a ladder, garden hose, bucket and rubber gloves to clean them.

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Pro Cost -- DIY Cost -- Pro time -- DIY Time -- DIY Savings -- Percent Saved

$130 -- $30 -- 3.0 -- 3.5 -- $100 -- 77 Percent