Faux show
That is the tricky part of these custom finishes. It is difficult to do just one room, hard to do just one wall. White ceilings look naked and out of place. Lighting becomes more critical.

The average room costs between $5,000 and $10,000, but Majerowicz also has techniques to lower the cost, like using decorative molding to create panels on walls or below a chair rail. The panels might include stencils on stone-textured finishes with, perhaps, a faux crackle border.

"You can still put the 'oomph' in there," she says of clients who might not have the gumption, or the budget, to go all the way.

Everywhere in the Majerowicz showcase home there is something to test the eye. Is that a granite counter top, or is only painted to look that way. Is that Italian tile? Is that marble? Is that a copper cabinet door? Or is it Majerowicz's magic?

Visitors, she said, reach to shake her hand when she greets them at the door.

"But they are always looking past me at something else."



K'Bella Studios, Decorative Artistry by Kimberly Majerowicz. For more information, call 443-927-6825 or go to kbellastudios.com

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