Jesse Atkins

America, meet the 21 competitors for Season 10 of "The Biggest Loser," which premieres Sept. 21. This season, it's back to singles. And the theme is all about paying it forward. One player vows that if he wins the $250,000 grand prize, he plans to give it all -- every penny -- to charity. Here's a look at the contestants and their stories. First up: Jesse Atkins, above Bio: 28, an appellate law clerk from St. Paul, Minn. He is single. Height and weight: 5-foot-8 and 369 pounds. Most "Biggest Loser" contestants are fans of the show. Not Atkins. "I resented the show and the people on it. I hadn't come to the terms that I had to work at losing weight," he said. His turning point came when his father pulled him aside and said, "I miss the old you." Atkins couldn't deny it anymore: His weight was a problem, the result of years of turning to junk food and pizza to solve his problems. "I feel like I lost the best years of my life," he admitted. "I used to have a zest for life, and I don't anymore. ... Why ... did I let it happen to me? I let myself go." Atkins says he's ready to do whatever it takes to lose the weight and wants to pay it forward by helping family and friends.
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