Joggins Fossils Cliffs

Place: Joggins Fossil Cliffs, Nova Scotia, Canada Why it's a hot ticket for 2009: It's a new year. You want to vacation abroad but you're broke. Mexico used to be an option but now you're worried about your safety. What do you do? Do what many Hollywood movie studios did and go to Canada. If you're an archaeology buff or nature lover, check out Joggins Fossil Cliffs in coastal Nova Scotia in eastern Canada. Named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008, the cliffs have been called a "coal age Galápagos" for their vast cache of fossils. At the cliffs, you'll see well-preserved fossils of animals, plant life and footprints. Take a guided tour offered by the Joggins Fossil Centre or explore the scenic grounds on your own. Either way, you're in for a 300-million-year-old treat. Information: (888) 932-9766, -- Jason La
Joggins Fossil Institute
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