Xtreme Dance Force

Xtreme Dance Force Hometown: Naperville, Ill. MTV's bio: Xtreme Dance Force is one of the top elite hip-hop/ jazz dance troupes in the Midwest. These disciplined studio dancers have been trained by world-renowned choreographers and teachers, but receive a lot of criticism from street dancers who doubt their technical training qualifies them as real hip-hop dancers. Xtreme was rated one of the top 50 dance companies in the country by Dance Spirit Magazine in 2005 but are still trying to prove they are more than just pretty faces. Members: Armando “Mando” Cardona, 19, St. Charles, Ill.; Justin “Step Up” Tyda, 20, Joliet, Ill.; Nicholas “Nick” Neri, 18, Long Grove, Ill.; James “JC” Renzetti, 23, Montgomery, Ill.; Alvin “Pino” Ramirez, 23, Aurora, Ill.; Sergio “Serg” Lopez, 22, Naperville; and Robert “Papa Smurf” Lewis, 19, Rockford, Ill.
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