Readers' travel tips

If you are taking your minor child on a vacation without your spouse, make sure you have a notarized letter from your spouse that specifically states you have permission to take the child to the specific destination during the specified dates.

Kathleen Milnes

Pacific Palisades

Ask your doctor for a copy of your current medications and dosages, along with the physicians' names. I put that list in a large plastic bag containing my meds and place them in my carry-on for inspection by the Transportation Security Administration if it's needed. I also leave a copy at home (along with a list of credit cards I am carrying as well as a copy of our passports). Our providers also list any meds to which we have an allergy, etc.

John L. Thompson

Yorba Linda

Take a couple of days off from work before your flight. This way I get plenty of rest to combat jet lag, not to mention the fact that I get time to pack and get the house cleaned before I leave. Nothing better than coming home to a clean house before returning to work.

Jennie King


If you never seem to find enough slacks or skirt hangers in your hotel or on your cruise ship, take four or five plastic ones. They are easy to throw in the suitcase; you can discard them if you don't want to carry them home.

Sylvia Ash

Simi Valley

When traveling abroad, check out the local pharmacy. When our luggage was delayed in Ireland, I bought toiletries and makeup that ended up being souvenirs. Recently while in Portugal, I was able to find Claus Porto soaps for 1 to 2 euros less than what they cost at typical tourist shops. This also allows me to see what the locals like to buy.

Belen Gallarza-Wilson


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