Where Have You Been Lately?

Cobi Jones, Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder

At the end of August, I went with friends to the Palmilla resort-hotel in Cabo San Lucas. When you get to the airport, they pick you up in a Hummer. That was the first shock. Then you get to the hotel, and it's beautiful, right on the water. They take care of every detail. You have your own night butler and day butler. There's a lot to do: four-wheeling, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving. I did deep-sea fishing. But mostly it was decompression time. I spent time at the beach, the pool. One day a pelican came flying into a pool. I think it wanted to take a dip. I helped get it out. I'm an animal guy.

Discovery: El Squid Roe, which is kind of a club, is a neat place to go. It's the traditional cheesy spot, mostly Americans. But it's a good party place.

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