Lane Kiffin will have space to find rhythm as Alabama's play-caller

Former USC coach Lane Kiffin will be calling plays as part of his offensive coordinator duties at Alabama

Former USC Coach Lane Kiffin will debut as Alabama’s offensive coordinator and play-caller when the Crimson Tide plays West Virginia on Saturday in Atlanta.

On Monday, Alabama Coach Nick Saban was asked how he handles a new offensive coordinator and whether he gets involved with feedback play to play. (Saban addresses the issue at the 15:30 mark of the linked video from

“As a play-caller, you have to let the guy have the rhythm of what he’s trying to do,” Saban said.

Saban said he was more apt to offer his thoughts between series rather than during them.

“I know that’s putting a lot of trust in another person, but that’s been the most effective way for me through the years as a head coach because I think you can really mess a guy up if you’re always questioning what he does or ‘Why did we call that?’ or ‘Are you sure that’s what we want to do on third down?’”

Alabama is ranked No. 2 in the Associated Press media and USA Today coaches’ polls.

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