Hockey is a family affair for Teemu Selanne

One happy byproduct of Teemu Selanne’s excellent hockey adventure is that his three sons, Eemil, Eetu and Leevi, and daughter, Veera, are around for first-hand viewing of their father.

But the teenage boys, or at least one of them, can be a little tough cracking on dear old dad. The 42-year-old Selanne, who had the game-winner for the Ducks in the playoff opener against Detroit, was laughing about the ribbing on Thursday after the morning skate.

"Every time I come home they are talking about the game," he said. "And my youngest one, he doesn’t  believe I have scored so many goals without … pretty much, no moves in hockey, he thinks.

"He [Leevi] is 13 and he thinks I have only three moves and the goalie still don’t know those."

His goal in Game 1 was his 42nd in the playoffs. Selanne, for the record, has 663 regular-season goals.

The boys remember the Ducks' Stanley Cup victory in 2007. Selanne’s daughter (he said emphatically that  she won’t be playing hockey) was born later that year.

"Even the year we won they still … they remember everything," Selanne said. “But even so somebody would ask them in school, ‘What does your dad do for a living?’

"They would probably not know: 'I don't know, sometimes he goes to play hockey and sometimes golf. To be honest, I don’t really know. But he can’t help with schoolwork or homework. So I don’t know what he’s doing.’

"I’m so happy they have seen so close, this life. They enjoy it."


Detroit will be making at least one lineup change, according to Coach Mike Babcock. Former Ducks forward Todd Bertuzzi, who has been out with back issues since Feb. 7, is in for Game 2, replacing Jordin Tootoo. Mikael Samuelsson is a game-time option, possibly.

Bertuzzi was medically cleared last week and had hoped to play against the Kings in Detroit near the end of the regular season but still was unable to return.

"I’m really looking forward to it,” he said of Game 2. "It’s been a long three months. I’m looking forward just to get in, helping the guys, being part of it again. The guys have been doing a good job and obviously a really important game tonight. We need to tie this back up and bring it back to Detroit.”

Years of experience will help offset his long absence from the lineup, he said.

"The one thing I’ve got going for me is it’s not my first year,” Bertuzzi said. "I’ve been around a bit. I understand the game and I understand the playoff game. I’m just going to try and get it deep and work them down low and try to get our chances there and try to play solid defensively and try to keep it as short as possible."


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