Angels' Josh Hamilton rides BART before facing Bart

OAKLAND — Before Josh Hamilton faced Athletics pitcher Bartolo Colon on Friday night, he rode a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) train from San Francisco to the Oakland Coliseum, the Angels right fielder’s commute altered by a bomb scare that shut down the Bay Bridge in both directions earlier in the day.

All of the Angels regulars except Hamilton took the first bus from the team hotel to the stadium, but by the time Hamilton went to the lobby at 3:35 p.m. to catch the second bus to the park, the bridge had been closed.

“I walked straight to the BART station,” Hamilton said. “You gotta make adjustments, baby.”

Was it the first time Hamilton, who played five years in Texas, took public transportation to the stadium in Oakland?

“No, what do you think, I’m spoiled?” he joked. “The Rangers used to have only one bus, so we took BART all the time. No one even recognized me. It was cool.”

The bridge was reopened Friday afternoon.


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