Watch Canada's Alexis Normand botch the U.S. national anthem

Canadian singer Alexis Normand probably will have to leave the building the next time she hears the U.S. national anthem being sung. Because she tried to sing it Saturday before a hockey game and botched the lyrics.

Before a game in the Memorial Cup hockey tournament, Normand came out to sing the U.S. and Canadian anthems. All seemed well, until she got a couple of lines into the song. Apparently, she had memorized a new version of the song most of us are unfamiliar with. The new version had lines such as:

"At the twilight's last first gleaming"

"Through the perilin nigh"

"Whatsoever we swayed and the twilight still be there"

"And the rifle's boom boom, the bombs bursting in air"

At this point, in the best part of the video, the fans in the stands, who you have to figure are almost all Canadian, begin singing the song loudly, helping Normand out.

Normand was extremely apologetic afterward.

"I’m usually a quick study and I’ve been learning songs for a long time," Normand told the Toronto Star. "I had learned all the lyrics, but nerves just got the best of me and I got really nervous and it all unwound from there."

Oh, in case you were wondering, in the game that followed, the Halifax Mooseheads defeated the Portland Winterhawks, 7-4.


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