Red Sox Nation's wicked awesome social media celebration

The Boston Red Sox clinched the World Series title Wednesday night, with a 6-1 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals, putting a Fenway Park exclamation point on an extraordinary postseason.

From our West Coast perspective, the season can be perceived as very good. But for Red Sox Nation, it was nothing short of miraculous.

As Times baseball writer Bill Shaikin noted, the 2013 Red Sox were not supposed to win. They finished last in 2012 and were not dominant this season: “They stumbled into October with two reliable starters, and look how they won the World Series: two victories from Jon Lester, one from John Lackey, and one on a walkoff pickoff.”

Early this spring, confidence lagged in Boston. It got so bad that on March 27 Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia tweeted to fans:

“Only thing I ask is u believe now! Don’t jump on later. Boston doesn’t have bandwagon fans! It’s going to be special and we want the city to make a huge advantage all year for us. Get loud! Thx everyone let’s go.’’

For a city that had not seen its team win a World Series at home since 1918, belief was never an issue. Confidence, maybe. But the team pulled through and rewarded its dedicated fans with a third world championship in 10 years.

And fans took to social media to celebrate the blood, sweat and beards of the Red Sox’s clinching victory. The #RedSox hashtag was shared 126,800 times in the hour after the win.

Check out a few of the best Boston reaction tweets below:


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