Don't over-analyze the reemergence of Monica Lewinsky

The return of Monica Lewinsky is certain to spawn speculation regarding Hillary Clinton 2016's White House bid

Monica Lewinsky, the presidential paramour, has resurfaced in the pages of Vanity Fair magazine— breaking her silence, again!— to discuss her nearly-2-decades-old affair with President Clinton.

Pull the file photos, cue the blue-dress jokes and let the lip-smacking cable TV frenzy begin.

Just don’t take seriously any analyses that purport to weigh the political significance of Lewinsky’s emergence and how it may affect Hillary Rodham Clinton’s decision on pursuing a 2016 presidential run.

Everything in the world of politics these days—Clinton’s speaking schedule, the pregnancy of her daughter, Chelsea, tidal shifts, unusual solar activity—is measured against the prospects of a Clinton candidacy and what it may, or may not, portend.

The short answer is: Nothing. Or at least nothing that anyone outside a very tightly knit, very closed-lip inner circle is aware of.  It’s like that chestnut—hoary but true—that gets trotted out every four years when the political press corps works itself into similar fits trying to divine a presidential nominee’s pick for vice president: Those who know aren’t talking, and those who talk don’t know.

So understand that a great deal of what gets written along the will-she-or-won’t-she lines is no better than speculation—some a bit more informed than others, but a guess nevertheless--and therefore a colossal waste of time.

Take a nap. Take a walk. Or, better, pay attention to what’s going on right now in politics. There are a lot of important, interesting contests throughout this year, culminating in the midterm congressional elections on Nov. 4.

Clinton will eventually make up her mind whether or not to run for president in 2016. It seems unlikely you’ll miss the announcement.

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