L.A. City Council became an (almost) all-boy's club

After a round of elections this year, the Los Angeles City Council has but one female member out of the 15 who preside around the horseshoe of the council chambers, and no women in other elected city offices. It's the result of a combination of factors, among them fewer women running and difficulty in fundraising. And being a woman running for office here is no longer a novelty that guarantees at least a higher profile and more curiosity. And that's fine. Women and men should run on merit. Women ran for City Council seats in several districts. But The Times' editorial board endorsed a woman in only one district. (She didn't win, but her opponent, another woman, did.) Running for political office is brutal and requires a tireless lust for schmoozing and an ego the size of all outdoors. (Hmm, maybe women just don't like being blowhards.) Still, the lack of female candidates is troubling. So it's heartening to see groups such as Bettina Duval's California List helping launch Democratic women toward 2016 campaigns.
Los Angeles Times
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