Princeton University evacuated after bomb threat

Princeton University was evacuated Tuesday morning after a bomb threat to "multiple, unspecified buildings on campus," officials said.

No further information was available about the threat, which created a logjam of traffic leaving the Ivy League university in Princeton, N.J.

"Faculty and staff are directed to go home or assemble at evacuation sites as instructed, and students are directed to go into the town of Princeton, where the Nassau Inn, Princeton Public Library and Princeton Arts Council buildings are open to them," the university said in a statement.

Staff were not expected to return the rest of the day. Princeton's public schools did not shut down after the threat but limited its outdoors activities.

A spokesman for Princeton University police could not immediately be reached for comment.

The threat came at a sleepy time for the campus, which held graduation ceremonies last week. The school reported that most of its students had left campus for the summer.

The alerts, however, jarred the university, forcing the shutdown of the school museum and radio station.

Bomb threat on campus. Pls evacuate campus and offices and go home. Updates to follow. Check email. NOT A TEST.

— Princeton University (@Princeton) June 11, 2013

This is NOT a test. There has been a bomb threat to multiple unspecified campus buildings.

— Princeton University (@Princeton) June 11, 2013

Traffic inbound to Princeton from Rt 1 is closed at this time. Outbound traffic is being allowed at this time. Please avoid downtown.

— Princeton Police (@PrincetonPolice) June 11, 2013

Please don't hurt my home. “@princeton: Campus evacuation underway w/ bomb threat. We will provide updates as information becomes available”

— Lily Alberts (@lmalberts13) June 11, 2013

Princeton campus evacuating due to bomb threat. I'm home safe (though slightly freaked out)

— An Goris (@angoris) June 11, 2013

WPRB is currently off air until further notice due to #Princeton bomb threat

— WPRB 103.3 FM (@wprb) June 11, 2013

The theater is being evacuated due to bomb threats at #Princeton. Be safe everyone. We'll keep you posted as we know more.

— McCarter Theatre (@mccarter) June 11, 2013

Campus has been evacuated due to a bomb threat and the Museum is closed. For more information, please visit:

— Princeton Art Museum (@PUArtMuseum) June 11, 2013

We welcome our neighbors from @princeton who are with us during the evacuation. We’re here for you.

— Princeton Library (@PrincetonPL) June 11, 2013

We're open for refuge and food as the bomb squad does their thing!Come on in!

— IvyInn (@IvyInn) June 11, 2013

The up side of a campus bomb threat is that one can stay home and work on revising a paper. Down side: helicopters are loud!

— Sam Wang (@SamWangPhD) June 11, 2013

on campus during princeton bomb threat "where is everyone going? is there a party?" -olivia

— Cami T. (@camitellez813) June 11, 2013


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