New Hampshire

Rudy Giuliani meets some of the pre-voting set in front of a store in New Boston, N.H. The candidate has two children, Andrew and Caroline, and a stepdaughter, Whitney. His relationship with his son has been described in news reports as estranged, but Andrew took issue with the characterization. "To say I have no relationship with my father is flat-out wrong," he told the Chronicle, the independent student daily at Duke University, in a December interview. Caroline, who attends Harvard, at one time indicated on her Facebook page that she supported Democrat Barack Obama, but she removed the reference last summer. Giuliani calmly rebuffed a woman who asked about his children: "There are complexities in every family in America. The best thing I can say is, kind of, leave my family alone, just like I'll leave your family alone."
Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times
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