UC Irvine hires prominent USC professor as provost

]This post has been corrected. See the note below for details.

Earlier this month, USC students and alumni were gloating about how their school had hired two top neuroscientists from UCLA, and UC system officials said they were upset by the loss. This week, however, UC announced that it has wooed away a prominent USC faculty member and former administrator at that campus.

Howard Gillman, a longtime USC political science professor and former dean of the university’s College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, has been appointed provost and executive vice chancellor of UC Irvine. Gillman, in effect, will become the No. 2 leader at the 28,000-student UC Irvine campus, ranked just below the chancellor, Michael V. Drake.

Gillman ran USC’s largest academic unit for five years, until 2012. In 2011, the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences garnered the biggest gift in USC’s history, a $200-million donation from alumnus David Dornsife, the chairman of a large steel fabricating company, and his wife, Dana; the college was then named after them.

Drake, in a statement, said Gillman “has noteworthy experience in nearly every aspect of the academic mission at a prominent research university. We’re proud to welcome him to UC Irvine.” 

Gillman’s salary will be $346,000 a year, according to UC Irvine.

Gillman has been on a USC sabbatical for the last year, working on research projects. He said Tuesday that he cherished his time at USC but that the UC Irvine job will allow him “to make a contribution at an even bigger level, being part of a team overseeing an entire research university.”

Gillman already has deep connections to the UC system: he earned his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees at UCLA.

[For the Record, 11:30 PDT May 23: An earlier version of this post stated that Howard Gillman's annual salary at UC Irvine will be $364,000. His salary will be $346,000.]


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